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Clearmount Economy Grade Ultrafilm

$69.00 - $99.00

The professional way to protect, display and enhance your artwork, photography, posters, picture frames, business presentations or other products.

Our Ultrafilm is an industry leader for its outstanding clarity, ease of sealing and shrinking, and high resistance to burning holes. You consistently get good pieces. We have taken the frustration out of shrink wrapping!

High Performance Shrink Film - Polyolefin - Acid Free - Centerfolded

Highly Resistant to Burning Holes - Seals & Shrinks Quickly

There is a difference in Shrink Films!

If you hate to shrink wrap...Then you need to try Clearmount Ultrafilm

Ultra film is not available for online purchase. please call
1 800 827 2388 ext 131 or email



Why is Ultrafilm a premium film?

Superior clarity combined with strength gives you the greatest protection and merchandising appeal. Consistency in manufacturing - what you buy today will be the same quality that you purchase next month or 5 years from now!


ECONOMY GRADE     Widths - 24" - 28" - 36"

All film is centerfolded and is on rolls of 500 linear feet.