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  • Automatic Clinch Hinge Machine

    Automatic Clinch Hinge Machine

    The ACHM uses Craft's line of coil form hinges, which feed into the machine from a space efficient reel. In fact, 1reel of hinges will allow between 1,800 and 3,000 hinges (depending on the hinge...


  • Automatic Easel Back Machine

    Automatic Easel Back Machine

    Craft has been awarded the coveted "Innovation Award" from the British Fine Art Trade Guild for the year 2003. The Innovation Award winning Automatic Easel Back Machine (AEBM), is a manufacturers solution to a time-consuming...


  • Automatic Easel Hinge Machine

    Automatic Easel Hinge Machine

    The Craft AEHM, Automatic Easel Hinge Machine, is every frame manufacturers solution to a once time-consuming assembly job. This exclusive, dynamic piece of machinery automates the task of assembling the back, easel (leg, strut), hinge...


  • Automatic Hanger Machine

    Automatic Hanger Machine

    Because of its unique design the AHM can start increasing your productivity almost immediately. With a safety interlock foot operated trip mechanism, easy to set hanger positioning and an estimated operator productivity of up to...


  • Automatic Poster Hanger Machine

    Automatic Poster Hanger Machine

    The Craft Automatic Poster Hanger Machine (APHM) has taken a time consuming and labor intensive assembly process and simplified it dramatically. The APHM can automatically apply hangers to poster board in a wide variety of...


  • Clinch Hinge Machine

    Clinch Hinge Machine

    Craft's Clinch Hinge Machine, CHM-00, is a pneumatically operated, hand-fed machine that efficiently applies Craft's line of self-fastening hinges to a wide variety of cardboard and wooden box shapes and sizes. The self-fastening hinges are...


  • Coil Fed Turnbutton Machine

    Coil Fed Turnbutton Machine

    The Craft Cobra Turnbutton Machine opens the door to efficient doorback frame applications. Our Cobra Coil-Fed Turnbutton Machine (CFTBM) strikes with speed and accuracy. Our state-of-the-art system has advanced turnbutton application from a tedious, labor...


  • Easel Hinge Machine

    Easel Hinge Machine

    Assembling backs in your own facility has never been this easy...or safe! Craft's Model EHM-00 Easel Hinge Machine is safe, reliable and easy to operate. The EHM can be used to assemble Craft's patented easel...


  • Foamie Applicator

    Foamie Applicator

    Use this easy hand held applicator to apply the 1419 foam core hanger.  Mark the location on your foam core where you want to place your hanger. Magnets hold the hanger in place while waiting...


  • Latch-Catch Machine

    Latch-Catch Machine

    Applies Craft's line of self-fastening latches and catches to a wide variety of paperboard and wooden box shapes and sizes. The self-fastening latches and catches are hand loaded into magnetic "driver" which guides and supports...


  • Ramplock Machine

    Ramplock Machine

    Thank you for your interest in this product. Unfortunately this item is not currently available for online purchasing. For Video “Click Here”


  • Semi Auto Easel Hinge Machine

    Semi Auto Easel Hinge Machine

    The SAEHM (Semi Auto EHM) is an entry level piece of equipment for easel back manufacturers who are looking to increase their production. A vibratory bowl and hinge feed system properly locate the hinge each...


  • Strut Press Machine

    Strut Press Machine

    The "Innovation Award" winning Craft Strut Press Machine (SPM), is our newest tool to assist back manufacturers in producing the highest quality and most consistent strut (easels) on the market today. Using metal stamping methodology...


  • The Champ III

    The Champ III

    Craft Inc., in a continuing effort to improve it's production and manufacturing s the world's finest hardware and machinery, is proud to introduce the all new Champ III Toggle Press. The Champ III toggle press...


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