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  • BackMate


    The Back Mate was developed for our entry level customers who are not looking to make a million backs but occasionally need to make their own. The Back Mate allows you to make your own...

    $110.00 - $132.00

  • Foamie Applicator

    Foamie Applicator

    Use this easy hand held applicator to apply the 1419 foam core hanger.  Mark the location on your foam core where you want to place your hanger. Magnets hold the hanger in place while waiting...


  • L175 Handle

    L175 Handle

    These solid brass handles are hand polished to a jeweler's finish! The perfect accompaniment for humidors, jewelry boxes, magic boxes, you name it! The L175 adds style, sophistication, and class to any box. Hardware included...

    $0.50 - $5.00

  • Ribbon Mate

    Ribbon Mate

    We are proud to introduce the ribbon mate. The ribbon mate is an effective and efficient way to attach the ribbon to the easel back and strut. While we are still confident and stand behind...


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